T & C

While it’s beneficial to come to class at least 2 - 3 days per week, it is recommended that you attend a single class or single personal training session before purchasing a larger or unlimited package to make sure you like it. Hopefully you dig our vibe!

When purchasing a larger package, please note that you will not be reimbursed for any unused classes or sessions at the end of the term.

Terms: Class packs expire after 30 days. Personal training sessions expire after 90 days.

If you purchase a package on a Sunday when we don’t have class, or the week before a new 4 week program begins, the 30 days won’t start until Monday or the first day of the new program.



Please make sure you’re physically able to begin a workout program. If you’ve got current or recent health issues, getting a doctor’s or physical therapist’s consent may be best before coming in for your workout.

Please let the instructor or trainer you’re working with know of any issues, physical or emotional, that may be of note during your sessions. If you have diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure or are pregnant, these are examples of conditions we NEED to know about before giving you certain exercises.

We can be completely discreet about these types of issues. You may write them down, email them in, or pull us aside to discuss them privately, but we NEED to know about them to keep you safe.

Emotional issues may also arise during a class or training session. It will be beneficial to both the trainers and to you if you let us know of any triggers or past issues that may affect how you feel about certain movements, types or workouts, experiences you’ve had dieting or training, etc.

All of your personal and physical information will remain private.


Every client must fill out the liability waiver & PAR-Q (physical activity readiness questionnaire) before coming to a class or personal training session.

It’s your responsibility to notify us of any physical issues that may affect your training (like we said over there on the left side column).


Once you’ve purchased a package of classes or personal training sessions and begun using them, there will be no refunds or reimbursements for any unused sessions after the expiration date.

Class packages expire after 30 days.

Personal training packages expire after 90 days.


If you purchase a package of classes or personal training sessions and cannot complete them due to a serious injury or illness and have not started using the package yet, you can receive a refund if it’s within 3 days of purchase.

If it’s past the 3 day mark, we’ll hold your package for you until you are well enough to complete them. Once you’re back, you’ll have the same 30 days (for classes) or 90 days (for personal training sessions) to use them.

If you’re in financial hardship, let’s chat.