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Join a fitness community that is smart, hard working, and supportive. Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got exactly what you need.



$59 — 4 Membership
$99 — 8 Membership
$139 — 12 Membership
$169 — U Membership

Membership subscriptions are on monthly auto-pay for the most cost-effective options. There is no minimum contract. You can discontinue/switch memberships any time before your auto debit date. Members also get 1 free class per month for a guest!

Class Packages

$18 — Single Class
$64 — 4 Class Pack
$112 — 8 Class Pack
$149 — 12 Class Pack

Class packs are good for 1month to jumpstart your fitness routine. These are perfect for anybody joining our 4 week strength programs!

  • Students & Military: $12 Flat Rate Per Class (Purchase on site with current I.D.)

Feel free to drop in any time to try out a single class before committing to a package!

4 Week Bootcamp/Lite Strength Programs

We run 4 week strength programs in our TRX Bootcamp & TRX Lite time slots (6am, 9:30am, and 5:45pm). If you’re looking for a kickstart to get back in a fitness routine, this is your best bet.

You can join us for once, twice, or three times per week as your schedule allows.

Program includes:

  • 4 weeks of progressive workouts

  • pre & post tests

  • pre & post measurements (if you want them)

  • weekly newsletters

  • access to a trainer for Q&A as you need


  • 1 Class Per Week (4 classes total) : $64

  • 2 Classes / Week (8 Total) : $112

  • 3 Classes / Week (12 Total) : $149

Just purchase a Class Pack by the program’s start date & you’re in (while there’s room)!
Monthly Auto-Pay Memberships are available for those who want to stick around!
Questions before starting? Email us at




verb: to obtain by energetic activity

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You can’t work at Studio Hustle until you’re certified, insured, and have passed an extensive on-boarding process. So if you make it to “Instructor” status… you’re legit.

We’re now looking for awesome instructors to join our team, but only the those who are serious about their programming & education.

Send your resume to


Here’s who’s teaching our classes:


Ami McMullen

TRX Master Instructor & International Fitness Presenter

TRX Training
Strength Training
Mobility & Flexibility
Group Fitness
Personal Training

Ami has a degree in Exercise & Sports Science, certifications in Personal Training & Group Fitness, and has trained hundreds of clients and thousands of fitness pros all over the world. She's presented at professional conferences in 6 different countries and her online TRX programs are used internationally. As a classically trained ballet dancer and recreational rock climber, she knows the importance of getting fast, safe, & noticeable results, and staying injury-free. She also frequently dances & sings while teaching class… so there’s that.